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 .:Welcome to Ultimate Scape:.

What is Ultimate Scape? Ultimate Scape is a
Runescape Priavte Server, eazy trainning and eazy making gold!

Now with Web Client! Click Here to Play!
and please only use the web client.

   .:Runescape Help HQ:.

Click the img below to get your help,
Help with everthing!

 -Ultimate Scape's Staff-

Owner: Jordan ~
Co-owner(s): Ztoex ~
Admin(s):  Cj4443 Zachary
Mod(s): Dabomb Jimmy

.:Latest News:.
Runescape Help! ~ Nov 08 2008
 There will be Runescape help on this website to help you with every thing!!!

  Playstation 4!! ~ Oct 25 2008
It seems like the PS4 - Playstation 4 - launching release date is not yet certain. The official PS4 release date has not been announced by Sony but there is no doubt that there will be a great system succeeding the PS3, named PS4. Many speculate that the PlayStation 4 will be early 2010. Other Techpreneurs confirm that it will not be launched before 2011.

And yes the remote in the background looks RIDICULOUS

 New Games!! ~ Oct 21 2008
 There will be over 100 new flash games on this very site!

 POLLS ~ Oct 19 2008
 Remember there are new polls! 

 WebClient ~ Oct 19 2008
 Webclient is down for the week!


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